Applying for undergraduate study at 竞博电竞官方网址



All full time undergraduate applications should be made through the UCAS 使用UCAS Hub网站. 你需要为所有申请的大学提交一份UCAS申请.

作为应用程序的一部分, 你需要输入你的个人信息, 以前和现在的资格, 学术参考资料, 还有个人陈述. UCAS网站提供了有用的提示和视频,详细解释了申请的每个部分所需的信息.

You cannot upload documents to your UCAS application, but you are welcome to email any supporting documents to the 招生团队.

If you are applying directly from school or college in the UK, there should be a member of staff who can advise and guide you through the process.

如果你申请医学和外科专业, we recommend that you refer to the 竞博电竞官方网址医学院 页面, as they provide specific advice on admissions, some of which will differ from the advice on the rest of this page.


如果你申请医学和外科专业, or if one of the universities that you are applying to is Oxford or Cambridge, then you will need to submit your completed UCAS application by 15 October.

For all other courses at 竞博电竞官方网址, the UCAS equal consideration deadline is 6pm (18:00) on Wednesday 25 January 2023. 在这之后, we will still accept applications for the majority of courses, 但有些可能接近新的应用, 所以请检查 UCAS竞博电竞官方网址 第一个.

The final UCAS application deadline is 30 June. 然而, 大学对在截止日期前提交的申请有有限的时间做出决定, and we may not have time to give your application full consideration. 因此, we recommend that you aim to submit your application well before 30 June, in order to ensure your application has the best opportunity of being successful.

Applications received by UCAS after 30 June are automatically entered into 清算.

你可能会发现参考 关键日期 在大学入学申请办事处的网站上.


竞博电竞官方网址的报价是滚动的. 在竞博电竞官方网址收到大学入学申请办事处的申请后, the Admissions Team will aim for a decision to be made within three weeks, but for some courses the timescale will be longer, particularly if there are other factors in the decision making process, such as an interview or portfolio assessment. In some cases, we may need to ask you for additional information.


We will consider your application as a whole, including:·

  • The qualifications that you are studying towards, including your predicted grades. 对于一些资格证书, 你可能已经获得了一些成绩, 竞博电竞官方网址会考虑这些因素的. 阅读更多关于 竞博电竞官方网址接受的资格 以及他们的国际等价物.
  • 你以前的资格证书所取得的成绩,例如,你的GCSE完整档案
  • Any periods of study that did not result in a qualification
  • 学术推荐信
  • 个人陈述
  • 竞博电竞官方网址也可能考虑入学考试,如TMUA或数学STEP
  • Some courses may require you to have completed work experience. Some will require you to attend an interview and/or submit a portfolio, 除了应用. 有关更多信息,请参见竞博电竞官方网址的 课程网页
  • If you have a non-standard academic background, 或者你是一个成熟的应聘者, 竞博电竞官方网址可能会邀请你参加面试, 或者要求你提交一份工作


Here is some additional information we hope you will find useful.



If you need to contact us, then you can email our undergraduate 招生团队 或致电+44 (0)1524 592028.